How To Harness SYSWC To Improve Your Writing Skills


General Participation

So maybe you are new to the group, or you have been in the group for ages but are just lurking in the back, or you are just thinking about joining this FB group. But you are shy, and you keep to yourself, and think what you have to say and, more importantly, what you have to write, is not important.

And I think that we are all like that at the beginning. We are new and we are timid and we don’t want to be the centre of attention. But how to build up that inner strength? I would like to suggest some easy steps to help you get used to the SYSWC FB group and to build your confidence.

  1. Check the Weekly Schedule, highlighting the type of posts coming up.

  2. When there is a post, (there usually is one a day from Monday to Friday), read it, think about it and make some comments.

  3. Maybe you liked the post, maybe you didn’t. Ask some questions about it.

  4. If there is something you are really stuck on and want help with request a topic to be discussed.

Activity Participation in the FB group

So once you start to feel comfortable in the group, maybe you recognise the names of other people posting, and start to ask questions directly to other members, you want to take your participation to the next level.

  1. You will be invited to post in the FB Spotlight Series (Friday posts about individual SYSWC members and one of the creative projects they are working)

  2. After you have introduced yourself, and people are getting to know you in the group, you will be invited to a written interview on the SYSWC blog (for example: Interview with Shayna and Interview with Alba)

  3. If you are looking for something fun and practical, join the monthly Creative Challenges I organise (5 days of reading/writing/positive thinking) - coming soon!

Activity Participation online

By this point you must have made a lot of friends in the group, and you are feeling brave. So you are ready to meet with people online!

  1. I am currently testing my idea - Online Creative Boost (Thursday evening UK time - every 2 weeks) where, for 60 minutes, you can make international connections, talk about the hottest topics related to reading, writing and positive thinking, and gain inspiration to write, produce or create something new. The first one went well. And the next one is scheduled for Thursday 2nd May 2019 6.30-7.30pm. More information coming soon!

Please try out some of these ideas and let me know how you get on!

Good luck!

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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