Free Online Creative Writing Course

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So you may know that I woman who plays many roles.

But you may not know that one of those roles is as a Masters student!

I am pursuing an online, distance Masters in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching with the University of Nottingham.

I am interested in the L2 Creative Writer Identity. And my dissertation project will be an online creative writing course!

I hope to run it in Summer/Autumn 2019, it will last 4 weeks, and it will be free*.

If you are interested in participating, please email me directly.

Can’t wait to see you online soon!

*English language learners only, this time

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P.S. My next online creative writing course will be open to all in the autumn (likely to be September 2019.)

If you are curious to know how the last one went - check out the beautiful stories that were written here.

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