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Creativity is something I used to lock down, after all it took up precious time when I could be working on something more conventional. Being creative felt exciting and new, and yet I rarely allowed myself to prioritise it.

A precious opportunity during my Masters permitted a reversal of fortunes. Technology-Enhanced Creative Writing pushed me to think in different and more inventive ways. I began to value creative experiences for learners. And to compose mindful recollections.

I learnt that what makes us human is our imagination, our innate ability to simulate and reflect. In many ways it’s child’s play – crafting possibilities, projecting future situations, imagining other’s experiences. In sum, I learnt that it’s a very human trait to create and tell stories.

I was left with, not only colourful and enjoyable memories, but new habits too  – reading for inspiration, avid editing skills, confidence to present my written work. I now allow myself to read and write more, which I love but arguably don’t spend enough time doing!

Since then I have embraced:

  • the right to let go

  • the chance to be creative

  • the opportunity to play with words

  • the freedom to express myself

  • the possibility to tell my story

We need to tell our own stories. We need to know who we are and be proud of it. We need to communicate our needs, our values, our desires.

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