From Inside Out

The story is about the sweetest chocolate brown animal with big ears and sweet eyes, and with a very furry coat.

She is very curious, bullying, sometimes aggressive. Always beautiful, proud. A loner, as all the big personalities, and of course hungry. 

Her role in the world is to be a show-off kind of animal for an owner. She can be difficult, mean, subdolous, but still extremely loved. 

Her daily routine includes new customers coming to see her as an exotic animal among the other boring (so she thinks) domestic animals like dogs, hens, cats, horses etc. 

Therefore she is in the cattle range with some sheep accompanying her. She has the feeling of soft soil and dry hay under her tidy cloven hooves.

Once in awhile she stumbles upon the stones inside the higher tuffets. And of course all the visitors are around her, staring at her and trying to touch her. Fortunately they have some bread with them as the alpaca can smell from a long distance.

The latter is the only reason she tolerates those animals with two feet.