Finding Myself

I was educated at the international college in Beirut. My parents were illiterate. Our family consisted of my parents, my sister and me. I have been married to Doctor Jamil since 1983 with whom I have two sons and two daughters. 

After my marriage I started teaching in Greenfield College owned by Dr. Marwan Hanna. I started my teaching career as a full-timer which means I had to stay in school from 7:30 in the morning till 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. That was in addition to raising my 4 children without any help since I had no relatives and my parents were dead and since I have only one sister she was also working and suffering as well. The most awful thing during that period was the murder of my lovely mother by a bomb that hit our house during the civil war that began in 1975 and extended till 1992. 

As we can see all my children were born during the war which didn’t keep us safe and which kept us alert all the time. 

My journey in my career wasn’t easy. I worked so hard in many schools and my results in the official exams demonstrated my hard work. However my work wasn’t appreciated by the employers who considered that was my job. I actually consider teaching a profession and not a job. And this was so obvious for my students. 
By the way, one of my students once asked me “Are you an alien? “and when I asked her about the reason of saying so, her answer was “she had never seen a teacher who teaches in that honest way.” 

Employers usually discriminate between teachers and they pay more for those who nag and ask for raise indecently. On the other hand I was not considering money so much, except to cover our needs. 

This situation remained as such until I became a principal where finally the owner of the school gave me a good salary. I mean better than I earned previously. But unfortunately, there was a lot of envy coming from some employees. And they started to do so many unpleasant things to me which forced me to quit my career. Now I am trying to find myself again.