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The Course

Join a community that will support and propel you forward.


About the course

I am passionate about creative writing for strong, independent folk because I believe that embracing your creativity is the key to expressing yourself in a clear, succinct & powerful way and connecting with the real you.

Hence the launch of my short online course Share Your Story with Confidence.

Join me if you are:

  • excited about conceiving stories which provoke thought and stir emotions

  • keen to express yourself in different and more creative ways

  • open to making international connections

  • ready to take risks and write freely

Key skills

  • Different ways to learn vocabulary & categorise words

  • Greater self-expression

  • Collaborative skills

  • Critical thinking

This would appeal to those wanting to think creatively and express themselves in new ways!

3 week course starting every month 

6 challenges working towards your story

2 participants minimum

1 supportive international community & guidance from me. 


Course outline

This course has been designed to be flexible and fit around the schedule of the busy individual:

  • Two main assignments each week (to complete in your own time.)

  • The Forum is open 24/7 (make comments and ask questions at any time.)

  • Live sessions (a fixed day/time in Week 1 & 3, but I can send a recording if you miss it.)

  • Bonus 1-2-1 session in Week 2 can be booked at a time to suit you (for earlybirds.)


Week 1 (Different types of stories)

(Day 1&2) Assignment 1: Read, listen to and watch different types of stories. Identify patterns, note vocabulary and think about how the story makes you feel.

(Day 3 & 4) Assignment 2: Find your voice. Share your passion. Write the first draft of your personal story.

(Day 5) Live session:  Meet others on the course. Reflect, share ideas and ask questions.


Week 2 (How to write a great story)

(Day 1&2) Assignment 1: Story creation framework. Learn what makes an effective story. (Format, structure, content, vocabulary.)

(Day 3 & 4) Assignment 2: Play with words. Expand your vocabulary. Re-think how you communicate through the written word and write your second draft.

(Day 5) Bonus sessions: Meet me online 1:1 to discuss your progress.


Week 3 (Edit & share your story)

(Day 1&2) Assignment 1: Go Digital using images, audio & video to enhance your story.

(Day 3 & 4) Assignment 2: Putting it all together. Post your story online to be read by the group.

(Day 5) Live session: Opportunity to perform a live reading or present a short video.


Specific Requirements

A fast and stable internet connection. And access to email, Google DocsSlack and Zoom.


Looking forward to getting started!