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One of my poems written at the Home Is…workshop

One of my poems written at the Home Is…workshop

OCB - What’s it all about?

Over time I have discovered that reading, writing and positive thinking help you share your story with confidence. So I set up the SYSWC FB community - to build and support those good habits. And the OCB, or Online Creative Boost, is a live extension of that.

OCB - What do you do?

We meet online* and:

> get to know each other in a big group

> read a text individually

> express opinions and share experiences in a small groups

*We use the free platform Zoom for our online meetings. Download it on any device here. And I will send you my Zoom meeting room number directly.

OCB - How did the first meeting go?

Two weeks ago was the first ‘test’ session and I think it went quite well. 10 people registered, 3 people turned up on time, and 1 person arrived at the end of the session! So, we were a cosy group of 4 and I think everyone enjoyed it - check out the smiles in the pic!

Online Creative Boost 1.PNG

OCB - What did you learn?

From the first test, I know that 30 minutes is too short for us, so the next one will be 60 minutes. Thursday was the most popular day of the week for people to join, so we will continue to meet on Thursdays. Participants are all busy people and are looking to find time consistently to follow their passions, so we will meet every 2 weeks to build a regular habit. We are all dealing with the feeling of being judged when we share our work, so getting to know each other over time and becoming part of a community will be a key goal of the group. And finally, I learned that starting and finishing a piece of work is very challenging for everyone - so the session will include tips, advice and prompts to get you started (and finished!)

OCB - When is the next one?

The second OCB will take place on Zoom on Thursday 2nd May 2019 6.30-7.30pm UK time.

Contact me to join!

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