Spotlight on SYSWC Member - Charlynne

Up close and personal with Charlynne

Up close and personal with Charlynne

First, thank you Charlynne for agreeing to be interviewed!

The purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to share your story with confidence and to inspire others to pursue their creative passions. Let’s go!

Tell us a bit about you

Hi there, I am Charlynne a Caribbean girl living in East London. I am originally from Dominica, an island in the West Indies (Not Dominican Republic). I have been in London for about 13 years and I am a poet, author, creative force and primary school teacher. I also am an avid baker who decorates cakes on the side. Looking at this list, I think is there anything else? haha. I Love to travel and have visited mainly European countries, but as London is so multicultural, I have experienced a multitude of cultures here in my own corner of East London. I would love to go to Bali, China, New Orleans etc. etc.

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Reading, writing and positive thinking are the pillars of SYSWC. How much are they a part of your everyday life?

Well, as mentioned above, I am a poet and author. I recently published my first book of poetry called 'Dear Fat girl: You are not broken’. It is an honest compilation of poems aimed at accepting yourself no matter where you are. I am a believer in thinking and talking things into existence and this can only be done with positive thinking. I was raised to believe that you only go as far as you allow yourself to go and my Dad's mantra was keep looking up Char, you need to see where you going... look the world in its face! I live by that today and even on days when I don't feel too confidence, this keeps me going. I am a lover of books and try to read regularly. There never seem to be enough time, but I carry books with me and find an odd minute or two on my commute.

You are a creative - tell us about one of the creative projects you are working on now.

I am currently doing the 100 day project.  #100dayproject on Instagram. It is doing something, a creative venture you have chosen for 100 days and keeping at it. I have chosen to use my paper stash to create everyday. I have been making cards, books, art journals and also doing an art journal page or an art tag. I have made sure to use as much colour and really get in touch with my feelings through the art I have been producing. At the beginning of this process, I would never have called myself an artist, but now I do. Its really funny how doing something everyday through discipline really changes your perspective.

Where does your inspiration/drive to be creative come from?

Inspiration is everywhere. It comes from different things depending on the creative venture I am undertaking. For my art, its youtube videos, walking through nature, the bus, the tube, tv, poetry or a quote. For my poetry, I've been inspired by people, art, other poems, feelings things that's happened in my life, things that's happened to people I know... To be honest, inspiration comes from everywhere, but means nothing unless we use it to make something new and beautiful.

What skills do you still need/want to gain in order to share your story with (more) confidence?

Well, do you know a skill for stopping procrastination? that would so me good. I think I would like to be more tech savvy, perhaps learn the ins and outs of social media in making a business/creative venture great. But really it boils down to me just doing more and talking less.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Sometimes we wait for the right time to get our dream on the road. I have learnt that there is no right time. We just have to believe in our dream enough to do it! It's always a risk but all the good things in life are risks before they become good things.Take the chance, make the leap... it's better to live with a broken ego than regret. You can do it because you are enough and worthy and greater than you can ever know.

Where can we find you on social media?

I am on Instagram at - @mizz_b_ryan

twitter : @cookieb20 

Cake Instagram: @frostedgateau

Thank you, Charlynne!

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