Mixed Voices - Being Part of a Local Poetry Anthology

Mixed Voices - Newham Poetry Group Anthology 2018

Mixed Voices - Newham Poetry Group Anthology 2018

Being a regular member of my local poetry group, Newham Poetry Group (well, maybe not that local…I travel a bit to get there, and maybe I should investigate if there is something close!) meant I was invited to be part of their second Poetry Anthology. What an honour!

And I was lucky enough to not not only put forward an anthology name that the group liked they also voted for it to become the official title of the book! Yay! Go Mixed Voices!

I contributed 5 poems to the collection, and read one of them, Thandie’s Tweet, during the launch party at the University of Loughborough (Here East Campus) on Saturday 10th November 2018.

Check out my reading below.

Karina Thorne